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ジュリ ブランシャン 藤田

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Soon after I was born in 1979, my parents bought a ruined house in a tiny village near La Rochelle (France). While they worked on renovations, I grew up around farms and nature, spending my time drawing, building tree houses and dreaming of travels and adventure.

In 1992, after the births of my brother and sister, we all moved to another tiny village near Perpignan. I attended applied arts high school in Nîmes, University in Toulouse and graduated from the College of visual arts in Strasbourg in 2004.
In 2005 I moved to Lyon and started working as a freelance illustrator.

I also produced projects as a documentary illustrator. This allowed me to travel in Polynesia, Australia, French Guyana and Amazon forest, where I worked a lot.
In 2008, as part of one of these documentary projects, I came to Tôkyô. I didn't stay long, but I was fascinated by the culture! I decided to come back to Japan in 2009 and spend more time.

I live actually with my hursband Issei Fujita and our daughter Nami, between Tôkyô and Perpignan (France) where I work as a freelance illustrator. You can contact me if you need graphic or web design work, illustration, animated movies, also if you are interested in organizing a workshop :

Thank you!

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